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Polygon for MMANA


Polygon for MMANA

MMANA-GAL does not allow to create circular shapes, the only alternative is the polygon.

This generator automates this creation, starting from the radius of the loop and the number of desired sides. The result appears as a table of coordinates and a list in MMANA format. It also allows you to create several turns.

  • First define the coordinates of the center of the loop if it is different from zero.
  • Then choose the vertical or horizontal orientation (checkbox).
  • The number of sides that will comprise the polygon created (multiple of four).
  • The radius of the loop.
  • The radius of the tube used to be filled in the result in the MMANA format.
  • The angle from which the polygon begins. For example, to place a capacitor away from the coupling loop, it is better to do it in the center of one side. If your loop has 36 sides, make 360/36 and divide the result which will give 5. Start the loop at 5 ° -mut 5 in the field-, the upper side will be horizontal and the capacitor can take place in its center. If no value is entered, the polygon will start at 0 °. Note that in trigonometry, the 0 ° is not the highest point vertically but is at 90 °. The No. 1 side will be located to the right of the loop and not up.

    In the case of several vertical turns, to obtain the starting and arrival points of the loop at the top, put 270. To be below, leave the field empty.
  • If you want more than one turn, check the box and this will give you the possibility of defining the number of turns as well as the spacing between each turn (in mm).

A "copy" button allows you to put the full list in the clipboard.
Then, edit the .maa file of your MMANA-GAL project (you can do it with Notepad++) and paste the result "MMANA format" under the mention ***Wires***.

Create the coupling loop in the same way by having previously defined the x and y coordinates (or x and z if vertical) of its center relative to the main loop. Add the result under the previous lines (***Wires*** part of the file .maa).

Warning :
Under *** Wires *** and just before the coordinate lines, the total number of wires should be specified. Do not forget to add or update it when adding lines of coordinates.

Finally, a simple 2D overview of the created loop is visible under the generated code.


Coordinates of the center of the loop
x y (or z if vertical)

Check if the loop is horizontal :

Number of sides

Radius of the loop (m)

Tube radius (mm)

Starting point angle of the polygon (degrees)

More than one turn

Number of turns

Space between turns (mm) 

As Table


As MMANA-GAL format






MMANA-GAL is an antenna simulation software, allowing to visualize the radiation, to optimize the dimensions according to criteria of gain for example and is probably the easiest to use.

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