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Downtown ham

Having lived this situation lasting a few years in Paris area, I could note the difficulties which one can encounter in a large city.                                             

Only the article on the magnetic loop remains. I deleted those relating to EH antennas and the like which could be interpreted as endorsing flawed theories.

Some tools

For the development of these antennas, the ideal is to use an antenna analyzer or a noise bridge. Here are some useful links:

Noise bridges
MFJ202B from MFJ
RX100 from Palomar (no longer available)

Antenna analyzers
VA1RX from Autek (no longer available)
MFJ259 from MFJ or MFJ-223, MFJ-225
miniVNA HF/VHF (on PC).

Tenna dipper
AA 908 from american qrp club

A project by VK5JST

A description by VK5BR