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GLOSSAIRE for CMSimple_XHGlossaire_XH can display a definition on mouse over of certain words in your articles and newsboxes. This definition may be titled and include an image.

The administration of Glossary allows you to create words and their definitions, set the number of occurrences (allows a definition of the first appearance of the word only, for example), Configures the aspect (colors, fonts, sizes, backgrounds) of the definition displayed, with the possibility of a configuration by template if the site uses several.


Definition with or without title.

Definition with a title
Definition without a title

The configuration allow to define a different aspect of definition for each  template.

Result with a template
Result with another template

operating principle

The PHP intervention on the articles takes place just before his displaying. There is therefore no impact on the content of the site. Each word in the list is sought and replaced by a link to the definition being placed in a hidden div. This div that appears on mouse over of the word. The on mouse over display uses javascript, aspect uses CSS.

Printing Article

When the article is printed, the definitions are accumulated at the end, preceded by a title "Glossary". If the article is "printed" in the form of pdf, links on the defined words underlined are functional and pointing their definition (anchor).


Glossaire_XH is compatible with updatecheck plugin (by Holger Irmler) which allows to indicate to the webmaster if updates are available for installed plugins on the site or for the CMS itself.

User guide

The zip of the plugin includes an user guide in htm format (with TOC), in three languages, French, English and German.
It can be accessed directly from the plugin admin interface.


The plugin Glossaire_XH v2 works exclusively on CMSimple_XH version 1.7.x and with UTF-8 encoding.
It is released under GPLv3.

Current version : 2.0.1

Download Glossaire_XH v2



The old version

The plugin Glossaire_XH v1 works exclusively on CMSimple_XH version 1.6.x and with UTF-8 encoding. It is released under GPLv3.

Download Glossaire_XH v1



CMSimple is a CMS (Content Management System) that bears well his name. Very simple indeed and perfect for designing his personal website to current standards.

It is nevertheless possible to give it the look that you want thanks to its template system and add functionality with numerous plugins.

Link to CMSimple_XH web site.


TOC or Table Of Contents. This is a summary containing the titles of the different parts of a document, each with a link to the relevant section.