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My activity comes down to the HF bands, in voice communication and telegraphy. The main transceiver is a Yaesu FT450D (5 to 100 w) on a wired 20m windom antenna.
Head-set Heil-Sound BM-10-4 (HC-4 unit).


The 40m QRP station

This is a project that has taken me a long time. On the basis of a kit, the famous ILER40 MK2 from EA3GCY, to which I added some small "home" options (timing, switching and monitoring CW adjustable, direct and reflected power, Z-match tuning symmetrical/asymmetrical) as well as a DDS VFO also kit, by the same author.

The quality of the reception is excellent, the transmit also. I use it with a preamp-compressor microphone Adonis AM508E and the sensitif touch sideswiper key for the CW.

The s'meter bought in Bulgaria on ebay comes from an IC737 Icom, the VFO button of a TS680 Kenwood, the speaker is a "ceiling" model whose dimensions fit perfectly with the case itself found with difficulty and finally bought in China. All this to contain a Spanish kit ;-)





And for CW, a home made Sideswiper key : A sensitive touch key circuit (P3W cwtouchkeyer) with a small teaspoon as paddle ;-).


This position of the paddle allows the wrist to be placed vertically, natural position when the arm is folded. Handling in sideswiper is effected by rotation of the wrist. Interesting experience.