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EH for 40m - PDF version

EH antenna for 40m band. A simple construction to permit HF activity in the case where an antenna deploy in connection with the wavelength is impossible. This article consists of a flash animation.

Some tools

For the development of these antennas, the ideal is to use an antenna analyzer or a noise bridge. Here are some useful links:

Noise bridges
MFJ202B from MFJ
RX100 from Palomar (no longer available)

Antenna analyzers
VA1RX from Autek (no longer available)
MFJ259 from MFJ or MFJ-223, MFJ-225
miniVNA HF/VHF (on PC).

Tenna dipper
AA 908 from american qrp club

A project by VK5JST

A description by VK5BR